Substitutes (In Consumption)

Alternative to a given product or service.

As a game dev, a substitute in consumption is other games…well duh. But there is more to it than that. Gamers have limited funds and time (scarce resources) to spend on games. When you release a game, you are competing directly against other titles for a gamer’s attention and dollars. That means your platformer is competing against titles like Shovel Knight and Risk of Rain, and even games in other genres that a gamer might spend money on instead. This is explained a bit more in games sales distribution is exponential.

This is why creating a title that stands out, and marketing it in a clever way, is so critical. Building games in less competitive sub-markets also makes getting sales A LOT easier. Before you go full beast mode on your next indie game, take some time to make sure your concept can successfully compete against similar titles, and look for great opportunities in the market, rather than compete in segments that are stuffed with lots of great titles.

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