Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Existing beliefs create a feedback loop that reinforces the belief or influences its outcome.

Have you ever worked with that negative person who expects something to fail, they put out a half-assed effort, then it very predictably fails? They will sound off triumphantly for correctly predicting the outcome, when it was their own actions that were responsible for the failure. People like to be right, and unfortunately sometimes that sense overrides (consciously or subconsciously) good faith actions to make something happen.

I see this attitude in some game devs. Devs complain about how competitive Steam is, and the lack of tools to help gamers find good titles (a sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with). But they release a title without substantial marketing efforts, or fail to make something that stands apart. The game predictably flops and they claim you can’t make money as a developer and it is something that should only be pursued as a hobby. And I understand the sentiment. There are a lot of missing pieces in the business of game development. My primary goal with Game Dev Power Up is to give devs the tools and knowledge to make good decisions about design, business and marketing, and position their titles for success. But that only works when you destroy this attitude that making money as an indie game dev isn’t realistic. It’s hard, but certainly not impossible.

Road Redemption