Selecting a sub-optimal decision for the purpose of saving time.

Not every decision or process has to be optimized. Some details need to be obsessed over like how to market/present your game to the press and gamers. Others don’t need as much attention, like the font size on your game’s website. Game development is a marathon that involves thousands of decisions. Sometimes it is ok to accept something as good enough. Great managers and developers know when to accept a sub-optimal solution to save time and move on to the other hundred tasks they need to complete.

One common example is game engine development. There are valid times to develop your own game engine, but with so many great engines on the market, the vast majority of games do not need a custom engine. If you want to do it for fun and self-education, that’s great, but don’t let your commercial project get bogged down with custom engine development so you can squeeze out a mild performance gain.

Ark:Survival Evolved