McClelland’s 3 Needs Theory

People have a need for achievement, affiliation and power.

Developing and maintaining a solid team takes a lot of work. Managers need to make sure team members are satisfied, otherwise they risk high turnover and losing key team members to better opportunities. All people have three common needs. The first is achievement: people need to accomplish meaningful work. Nothing is worse then working your butt off for something that ends up being discarded or ignored. People want affiliation: They want to be an involved and valued member of a team. Finally, people want power and control.

To satisfy these needs I have a few recommendations. First, make work goal oriented: Present team-members with a problem or goals and guide them through solutions. This plays to need for achievement and power. Don’t micromanage either. If you have a good team, give them the autonomy to showcase their talent. Don’t be afraid to provide input and guidance, but be willing to listen to other approaches, and realize not everyone works the same way. Finally, develop policies and practices to keep your workplace free of hostile behavior, and make sure to highlight everyone’s place on the team.

The Talos Principle