Marginal Sales vs. Marginal Effort

Is additional effort worth the additional sales?

The way most devs design games is based on what they think a game needs to have. Usually, during development, the good idea fairy comes along and plants the seeds for all kinds of new features and mechanics. Devs try to implement many of these, and the scope expands along with total development time. This is a terrible way to develop a game. You should build good games, but you have to be willing to make business decisions about your games too. Every time you consider adding a new mechanic or feature, ask yourself, what is the expected payoff? If a new feature will take two extra months to add in, do you think that will lead to enough additional (marginal) sales to compensate you for the extra time?

We all get excited about the potential of what a game could become, but you don’t have unlimited resources, and you need to make money to pay your bills. Be smart about how you use your finite resources of time and money. Only add in the features that are highly likely to result in a good return on your investment (ROI) of time/money.

Darksiders III