Hanlon’s Razor

Never attribute malice to what can be explained through stupidity.

We’ve all done stupid things, but the internet is not exactly a tolerant place. Many times egos and one-upmanship rule over logic, sanity and compassion. As a game developer, you may be working with team members, and you will have to deal with media and customers. Some of these customers will be critical of your work, no matter how much effort you put into it. Take Hanlon’s razor to heart: Don’t assume any criticisms, no matter how unjust, are out of hatred for you or your game. More often it is ignorance of the challenges of game design, failure to understand trade-offs in design decisions, or outright misunderstandings, that are the source of unfair criticism.

This is especially important in the new media environment where amateurs are reporting and reviewing games. Many of them can be great allies in helping get the word out about your game. But keep in mind, many do not know the finer points of game development, so be careful not to take any criticisms personally.