Dev Time Estimation Rule

Multiply your time estimates by 3 for a much more realistic picture of actual dev time.

According to my research, at least 70% of developers will underestimate the amount of time it will take to develop a title. The problem is, even experienced devs don’t account for the amount of time they have to put into to things like operations, business analysis and marketing. Further, most severely underestimate how long it takes to polish a game after the core mechanics are in place.

And devs don’t underestimate time by a little bit. On average they are off by a factor of 3! Do you want to make more realistic dev time estimates? Take your estimate and multiply it by 3! No joke, do it now! Next, ask yourself, can I maintain development and survive if it takes me three times longer to release this title? If you can’t, rethink your concept or shrink your scope substantially. You can always add features in later, you can’t get back your time you wasted on features your title really doesn’t have to have included.

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