Contradiction of Passion

Many devs are inspired by passion for making games, but they need to make decisions dispassionately to be successful.

If you want to make money building games, you need to treat game dev like a business. But if you do this, does that mean you have to throw away passion and become a soulless coder monkey in a business suit? I see many devs struggle with this. They shun the business side of game development because they see it as a binary decision: You either follow your passion or you follow the business. Well, you can do both.

The trick, like most things in life, is balance. You have to know when to let passion drive you and when to say ok, if we do this it could kill our profitability. One suggestion is to start off with at least 5 solid concepts for games. Take these concepts and evaluate them carefully. Is there a market? Do you have the skills and resources to build a good entry? Can your concept potentially sell enough to be successful? Do you know anything about this segment and what gamers want in a game like this? Rate each of your concepts and select the best to move forward with. This way you still have a concept you are personally invested in, but also something that is going to be a good market fit. That’s a win-win-win.

You don’t have to supress your passion to make money in game dev. You do have to be clever about how you leverage your passion and when to trust the data, so you can eat.

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